The safest place in the Weeping Woods is among the branches, hundreds of feet above the forest floor. It is there that you will find the Treetop Village, a massive collection of houses loosely strung together with boards, catwalks, tarps and ropes. For the outcasts that cannot or will not live among the civilized cities of Valenthia, the Treetop Village is their home. It is a lawless place where only the quick and clever survive, but since the Demon War it has seen a major influx of migrants and refugees.

Cradle Of Life

There is no place more feral, more dangerous, and more majestic than the cradle of the Weeping Woods. It is there that nature grows wild and untamed, where old magics still hide between the branches of trees older than the oldest tower in all of Valenthia. There are undercurrents of magic running through everything and many lethal dangers waiting for the unwary traveler.

There are few safe roads through the Weeping Woods, but the most well-known are also where you can expect to meet the Right Hand bandits, a group of notorious outlaws that operate beyond the law.