Syrann was born among the Valenthian nomads, wanderers of the old roads, performers and thieves, storytellers and liars. Growing up, she was taught to take what she needed and listen only to her instincts, lessons that would lend to her survival after King Leandro ordered the arrest of all nomads in an effort to make the roads safer. On the night that the soldiers ambushed them, Syrann had been out hunting. She was faced with a choice: run back to her encampment and help fight the soldiers that outnumbered them, or turn and run to freedom.

It would be years before she would forgive herself for having run.

With the roads no longer safe, she escaped into the city of Valenthia without a penny to her name and no one to turn to. Petty thieving kept her alive for a time, but with every theft she pushed her luck. One day, she pushed it too far. It took four guards to catch her and five more to subdue her. Her reputation as a thief was well-known and the guards looked forward to recompense, and so it was that they decided to take her directly to General Vahn Cullen for reward.

Bruised and chained, Syrann sat crumpled at the back of a cart as they brought her towards Castle Valence. They reached the inner bailey of Castle Valence, cheerful and confident, none of them realizing what was about to happen. Portals opened all around them as demons poured out. They crawled from the shadows and pulled unsuspecting peasants and soldiers screaming into alleyways. Pandemonium erupted all around them. They had just witnessed the beginning of the Demon War, and they sat at the very heart of it.

In the chaos and carnage that followed, Syrann's shackles came loose, but the guards were too busy fighting for their lives to notice. She got up, slipped from the cart and, looking around, realized she had a choice: help fight the demons that outnumbered them, or turn and run to freedom.

Through the pain of her bruises, the ache of her bones and the despair of her loneliness, she reached out for a nearby discarded glaive and leapt screaming into battle.

As it was for many during the Demon War, survival became paramount, matters of loyalty and law becoming secondary. She fought alongside soldiers and guards, thieves and murderers, peasants and farmers, always on the move and always one step ahead of the demons. She followed her instincts through it all, staying alive despite the odds and making it through the war alive.

When the war ended, the land was irrevocably changed.

But so was she.

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