Spoiler Alert!: This article contains plot details about the story of Dungeon Hunter 5!

The story of Dungeon Hunter 5 runs through ten acts and 45 missions

Events Prior to DH5

The Demon War (DH4)

The humans of Valenthia and the giants of the Kenashi mountains have been at war for as long as either race can remember. For many, it seemed to be a war that would go on until the sun set one final time, but it was not to be: in a drastic attempt to turn the tide of fortune, both sides summoned demons in an attempt to gain the upperhand.

The demon force was too much for any one man or kenashi to control and soon they ravaged the land, corrupting the innocent and destroying everything in their wake. King Leandro was slain, Kenashi High Shaman were killed, and both cultures fell into ruin. It would surely have been the end of days had it not been for the intervention of the Spirits.

Choosing a single warrior as their avatar, they were able to stem the flow of demons into our world and give us hope that Valenthia might have a future once again.

A Kingdom Broken

With the death of King Leandro, no heir was able to take the throne, and so the kingdom was left with a major power vaccuum. Ser Vahn Cullen, general of what remained of the Valen army, stepped in to act as Regent, but his hands were full with the Demon War. Once the dust settled, there was very little left of the once proud and glorious kingdom of Valenthia...

The Ashken retreated to the deserts to reclaim their ancient homelands, sundering all ties with Valenthia and taking their warriors with them, leaving Valenthia without a third of their strength.

Bandits and raiders once again became kings of the unguarded roads, taking what they pleased with little fear of reprisals from the law.

The surviving demons took over the marshlands, driving out any inhabitants and turning them into the stuff of nightmares.

And the mages, hungry for power, were now free of restrictions, able to once again study dangerous and forbidden magics.

The Rise Of The Bounty Hunter

Not all warriors sat idle while the world around them fell, however: some of them saw this as an opportunity.

Abandoning the strict and restrictive life offered by the military, many of them joined or started their own bounty hunter guilds, working for the highest bidders. While greed remained their main motivating factor, none could deny their efficacity at getting things done where others failed. Slowly but surely, some measure of order crept back into the lives of Valenthians, but always at a price.

It is clear, however, that a more permanent solution must be found as now the bounty hunter guilds, fat with gold and treasure from their contracts, are eyeing each other up. It won't be long until they start going after each other, and then only the strongest will be left standing...

Events of DH5

Act I

The Persistent Bounty
The Liar’s Gambit

Act II

The Bandit & The Thief
Running The Gauntlet
The Desecration
An Archmage In Peril
The Corrupted Woods


The Trial
A Key Reforged
Precautionary Steps
Pieces Of Knowledge
No Sanctum

Act II

Race For The Locus
Keeping The Portals Closed
The Pearl Of Life
Balancing Act
The Broken Lamp

Act I

The Marshlands Guardians
Echoes Of The Purging Voice
Two Enemies In One Basket
On The Trail Of Death
The Death Knight

Act VI

The Spirit Uprising
The Hunt
Spiritual Cleansing
The End Of Order


The Sword Of Fire
Crate Surprise
Hive Of Corruption
Trouble In The Ranks
The Crystal Drake


Cleaning House
Unfettered Power
The Guardians Of The Gate
The Siege
A Place In The Filth

Act IX

The Merchant Of Scrolls
From The Ashes
The Confrontation
The Aether Problem
The Final Echo

Act IX

The Honey Trap
The Source Of Unlife
Harland's Gift
The Death Of Undeath

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