Few people know that Ser Baker's true name is actually Ser Grail, a name he purposefully abandoned before the Demon War.

Born as the son of a servant in a noble Valenthian House, he was raised to be the valet of the noble Lord's only son, a young boy some years younger than Baker. While the two got along well, Grail made it no secret that he aspired to more: he wished to see places outside Valenthia and meet new people. Encouraged by his young master, Grail gave his resignation and joined the Valenthian military.

He quickly found his place in the military, making fast friends and enjoying the physical challenges. Having grown up a servant, he had no trouble following orders and was held in high esteem among his peers.

After several years of service, he received a letter that would change his life forever. His mother had passed from illness, but before doing so, revealed that Grail's father was actually the noble Lord of the House and his young master had, in fact, been his younger half-brother. Irrefutable evidence was provided. As the Lord was now on his death bed, the letter requested that Grail return home as he was to inherit everything, including the title of Lord.

Reluctant but duty-bound, he retired from the military and returned home. His welcome was a warm one from all but his younger brother who was now filled with jealousy and resentment. His inheritance was stolen from him by a valet, soldier and servant-child.

Running a noble House was not in Grail's blood. He empathized too much with the servants, had grown too used to working with his hands, had no head for numbers or letters, and felt deep regret that his relationship with his brother was forever tainted. One night, he summoned a notary and made some changes in secret.

Taking a small sum of money, he vanished from the House and made his way into Valenthia where he bought and operated a small bakery, refusing to let anyone know his true name and noble birthright. In his absence, the House and all its holdings went into the care of his younger brother while his own whereabouts were never made known.

When the Demon War broke out, he dusted off his old sword and shield to take arms against the demons, abandoning the name Grail, content to simply be known as Ser Baker.

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