Historians of Valenthia claim that the Kingdom's roots go all the way back to the time of the Ancients, when dragons and gryphons still roamed the skies and hunted the lands. Whether true or not, one thing is certain: it is a kingdom that has endured for centuries.

Considered by many to be a bastion of civilization, it has always been host to the latest technological advancements, benefitting from aqueducts, sewer systems and protected roadways. Its placement, a temperate landscape between the Kenashi mountains and deserts of the Ashken, has also made it a trade hub, spurring its economic growth and encouraging cultural diversity.

Like most civilizations with an overabundance of wealth, however, it is not without its problems. A long line rulers with mad ambitions drew the kingdom into wars and battles it had no place starting. Tensions born from these battles often survived, fueling further hate and prejudice where there might otherwise be peace.

Conflicts between Valenthia and the Kenashi go back as far as anyone from either culture can remember, its origins forgotten but its anger still felt. The culmination of such tensions most recently came to a head between the Ashken and Valenthia, sparking a war that resulted in the near-destruction of the Ashken people.

It was only a matter of time before the madness of Valenthia's rulers would lead to its downfall. The last king, King Leandro, sparked the Demon War, effectively ending the long line of successors and bringing the entire land to its knees. If not for the intervention of the spirit-kissed hero, it might have been the end of the entire realm. But while the demons were stopped, the collapse of the kingdom continued, and its survival now rests in the hands of those that remain...