Ogdorok was born in a Kenashi tribe not far from a Valen military outpost. Unlike his brothers and sisters who were blue and bulky, he was small and pale. It wasn't until the eve of his fifteenth winter that his mother revealed he was only half-kenashi. His father was a human, a Valen soldier she had fallen in love with but who was unable to stay as the centuries-old rivalry between their cultures made intermingling an act punishable by death.

Armed with this newfound knowledge, Ogdorok fled from his clan with the intent of finding his father somewhere in Valenthia. He was met with fear and disgust until an aging blacksmith at the edge of the farmlands took him in. Much stronger than the average human, he quickly excelled at smithing, forging farm equipment of unparalleled quality. He became something of a small legend among the farming community, but there were always whispers behind his back about his origins.

When the old blacksmith passed away, Ogdorok decided to lend his services to the Valen military, hoping it might bring him closer to finding his father. He was turned away immediately and accused of being a Kenashi spy. He attempted to flee when mobs began gathering, crying for his blood, but he had nowhere to flee to. Eventually, he hid in a Boon Sister convent where Sister Celestine, a blind Boon Sister, sheltered and fed him.

When the Demon War hit, he fought as best he could, protecting the convent and repairing armor and weapons for those that wanted to fight. When the war was over, his actions attracted the attention of Djorek who easily looked past his heritage and gladly accepted him as a blacksmith.

Ogdorok still dreams of finding his father one day but, for now, is simply happy to have found a place to call home.

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