The marshlands were once the refuge of the feared and misunderstood Blood Zealots, a group of alchemists focused on the exsanguination of demons. They would capture and flay demons, turning their blood into concoctions that would induce a powerful rage. While many thought the Blood Zealots mad, everyone knew that they were the one force that the demons feared. Now, since the end of the Demon War, they have all but vanished, abandoning their ancient crypts and churches.

With nowhere left to go and their only natural enemy gone, the surviving demons have made the marshlands their home. There, they cultivate the dead and train their soldiers, waiting for someone – or something – to lead them once again into battle.


Hidden in the darkest corners of the marshlands are the terrifying Blood Crypts. These twisted halls and vaults were once the home of the Blood Zealots and host to experiments and rituals disturbing enough to unsettle even the most sadistic of demons.

It is in these places that demons would be flayed and drained of their blood for the alchemical concoctions of the Blood Zealots. They would create potions that could induce a mad rage, giving them incredible strength and unparalleled speed, but corrupt their minds and send them into madness.

At the end of the Demon War, the Blood Zealots seemed to simply vanish. Their crypts became empty with no sign of where they went or why they left. The nature of their sudden absence is almost as disturbing as their presence had been, but most are relieved that they are gone.

Since then, the demons have cautiously made the crypts their home, taking over the old chambers where so many of them died.