Up until he left the Valen military, Malcor's career as a soldier was nothing short of exemplary. He displayed loyalty, courage and prowess without fail, and his easy demeanour made him popular among the men. It was natural, then, to promote him to Quartermaster where he woud oversee supply and troop organization.

In addition to being a model soldier, he was also a husband and father of three sons. With his promotion came several tracts of farmland near the borders of the Weeping Woods which, at the time, were peaceful. A year before the Demon War would break out, however, the Chief of the Right Hand bandits began leading aggressive raids on Valenthian holdings, often leaving little more than smouldering ruins in his wake.

Malcor lost everything.

In his despair, he turned to the Academy of Mages and demanded the return his family from the dead. With the ban on Necromancy still heavily in place, they refused. He brought his appeal all the way to King Leandro but was, here too, turned away. It was this that would sap the last ounce of fire in his spirit and he disappeared soon after.

He was found shortly after the conclusion of the Demon War at the bottom of an empty ale flagon by Djorek. As Djorek's bounty hunter guild grew, it needed an experienced hand to oversee the logisitics and economics of all the contracts and warriors that passed through.

Malcor initially refused and wandered into the marshlands where it was believed he would perish, but he emerged, whole and somehow rejuvenated. He came to accept Djorek's offer and has been working diligently as a productive member of the guild ever since.

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