Madie's earliest childhood memory would wake her up at night for years: Valenthian soldiers putting village huts to the torch, people screaming as they were cut down trying to escape, and the taste of blood on her lips from a gauntleted backhand. The next thing she knew, she was among Right Hand bandits in the treeline, watching the village burn, dead tired from running.

Years later, she would learn that King Leandro had ordered several similar villages burned in his hunt for Wayland, the man known to all as the leader of the Right Hand bandits but known only to her as her adoptive father.

He taught her everything he knew about life outside the law and she took to it with incredible ease. Wise beyond her years, she excelled at every task and every lesson, earning the respect of her colleagues and superiors. So hungry was she for more knowledge that Wayland even arranged for a Governess to teach her history and high culture, lessons that fascinated her and informed her opinion of the Right Hand.

As tensions between the Ashken and Valenthia intensified, security on the roads became lax and Wayland began preying aggressively on nearby villages. When Madie learned of this, she took a group of experienced rangers loyal to her and confronted her father before he could raze more villages. Wayland relented, but only to set his sights on bigger prizes.

It all came to a head during the Demon War where Wayland's quest for power came to an abrupt end when his path crossed that of the spirit-kissed hero.

When the war ended, the Right Hand turned to Madie for guidance. While she had no lust for power, neither did she wish to serve a king as the Right Hand Rangers once did. Instead, she focused her efforts on protecting the inhabitants of the Weeping Woods as best she could.

That the rest of the world called them bandits and raiders was irrelevant. The ghosts of her childhood no longer plagued her sleep.

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