Building materials for new weapons have become scarce now that trade has dried up all over the land. As such, a method for combining old materials from obsolete weapons and armor has been developed, called Fusion.

Fusion can exist in two forms: Regular fusion or Super fusion.

Regular Fusion

Regular gear fusion allows you to combine your items to gain experience for your item. The highest amount of experience you can get would be from fusion boosters, which can be obtained from Daily events, Wanted Challenges, Stronghold Raids and Missions.

Each item currently have 5 tiers of ranking, each tier has a different level cap.

Tier 1: Level 15

Tier 2: Level 30

Tier 3: Level 50

Tier 4: Level 75

Tier 5: Level 100

(Note: a new tier has been announced for the upcoming update!)

Also note that every item type has a different rate of experience gain (ie Skill items is different from Armors).
DH5 loadingHint fusion 01

Super Fusion

The second type of fusion would be Super Fusion. This is a rare type of fusion that allows you to gain additional stats beyond the maximum capacity of the item itself. Different item types will have different stat gains as per follows:

Type of Item Stat Gain
Armor Add Armor (+2 per SF pt)
Weapon Add Attack (+2 per SF pt)
Skill Items Add to skill (varies)*
Minions Add to HP (varies)*
Trap Rooms Add to Rating (varies)*

*For Skill items, Minions and Trap Rooms, the particular stat that the SF point adds varies from item to item.

The maximum obtainable SF points would be 150.

To perform super fusion, there are two main methods:

(1) Four Items of Same Type

For the four items fusion, you would need to collect 4 items of the same type and fuse them to your main item. These additional items do not have to be of the exact same item.

For example, if you want to perform Super fusion for a Emberstrike Conjurer (Ranged Striker), you would need to have 4 other ranged strikers before you can perform the super fusion (eg. Prophet, Blighter, Ranger, Sceptre etc.) Otherwise, the superfusion will not work (as shown from the 0.0% superfusion at the bottom).

Do note that the chance of superfusion is based on the tier and level of the other items to be superfused. This can be seen from the superfusion chance located at the bottom left of the screen.
DH5 loadingHint superFusion

(2) Single Items with Existing Superfusion points

This method involves transferring the skill points from existing equipment into another equipment. Likewise, this method involves having items of the same type in order for the superfusion to occur successfully. However, the item that is to be fused, will be destroyed.

The transfer of superfusion points by addition. For example, superfusing a +10 SF glaive to another +5 SF glaive would give +15 SF glaive as the end result.

This method of fusion is of 100% success.

DH5 loadingHint superFusion 01

Bonus Superfusion

There is also a small chance of bonus superfusion points. This means that you can gain additional Superfusion points by performing the above two superfusion methods. However, the chance is very slim and occurs very rarely.

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