As a young boy, Djorek hailed from a small village at the edge of the Kenashi mountains. He was conscripted into service when then-Prince Leandro issued a kingdom-wide call to arms to fight the ever-increasing threat of Kenashi invasion. Having grown up in and around the mountains where he would be stationed, Djorek was already familiar with the habits and movements of the Kenashi, an advantage that would allow him to distinguish himself as an apt fighter and effective leader.

During a momentary truce between the Kenashi and the Valenthians, he and his scouts discovered Kenashi warriors moving to raze a number of small human villages, his own included. As these villages held no strategic value to Valen High Command, his orders, and that of the other soldiers stationed in the mountains, were to remain on stand-by and await further instructions.

Instead, he took command of the soldiers and led a week-long harrassment campaign against the Kenashi forces. They burned food supplies, blocked paths with rockslides and destroyed bridges, forcing the Kenashi to backtrack and lose morale until they finally abandoned their mission.

When news of this reached the ears of Valen High Command, he was dismissed from service but spared from execution for having saved a number of villages. With his newfound freedom, Djorek started a military school where he would train mercenaries and scouts until the fateful events of the Demon War.

With the death of King Leandro and the Valen military falling apart, Djorek changed the focus of his school to that of a Bounty Hunter guild, gathering the best and brightest fighters he could find to quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

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