During your adventure in Valenthia, you'll use several currencies

Fusion & Evolution

Icon gold
You'll collect Gold by raiding opponents' Sronghold. But also during missions.

Finally, you can also use your minions to generate gold in your Stronghold.

It'll be used to fuse and evolve your gear.

Icon quartz
Quartz is the currency that will allow you to fuse and evolve your minions.

You can collect Quartz generated by your minions, or in Monday's Daily Dungeon, or in missions.


Icon stamina
Energy determines the number of times you can play PvE missions. It refills 1 Energy every 6 minutes and replenishes to the maximum capacity after each and every level-up.

You'll also need Stamina to enter Wanted Challenges, Daily Dungeons and Trial of Elements.

Energy level is capped at (Player's Level + 24).

*As the maximum level is currently 125, the player can have the most 149 energy.

Icon energy
Stamina is to PvP what Energy is to PvE. You'll consume Energy to enter PvP modes like the Stronghold. Unlike Energy, Stamina is deducted before the start of every raid.

Stamina level is capped at 3.


Icon bountyTicket
Bounty Tickets
Bounty Tickets will offer you to open Chests to access powerful rewards.

You'll gain Bounty Tickets when you'll play with Allies. Either your friends or suggested players.

For missions with suggested players, you will get 1 Bounty Ticket.

For missions with allies, you will get 2, 4 or 6 Bounty Tickets depending on the difference in level between your character and your selected Ally.

Character has lower level but more than 10 level difference: 2 Bounty Tickets

Character has lower level but less than 10 level difference: 4 Bounty Tickets

Character has higher level and more than 10 level difference: 6 Bounty Tickets

DH5 loadingHint Allies 01


Icon gem
You'll gain Gems every time you finish a mission for the first time or through completion of daily tasks (5 a day). Or by In-App Purchases. Gems can also be earned by participating in Wanted Challenges and Trial of Elements.

Rush Tickets

Rush Tickets
Rush Tickets enable the player to complete certain events (eg. Missions, Wanted Challenges) instantly if you have been able to clear them once without the use of Potions and Revives.

You'll gain Rush Tickets when you complete solo-missions of higher difficulty for the first time (eg. Hard and Expert Mode). You can also obtain Rush Tickets through the Shop.

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